Full Screen Split Screen Using 3D Vizio TV

I had to share this simply because Mike didn’t watch the video all the way through and started complaining about the Sony TV mentioned.
YouTube user sinabun12si heard the news as well about the 24″ Sony 3D TV announced at E3 that would allow split screen games to be played across the full screen using 3D technology. However, Sina has already been doing this as he shows in his video below.

You’ll see above that he is using the top/bottom feature of his 42″ 3D Vizio TV to display two separate video game screens in Black Ops. The glasses are regular 3D glasses available from movies theaters, but modified to have the same polarity lenses. This allows two people to play split screen on the full TV while preventing the dreaded screen watching! I think it’s pretty sweet and when I get rid of my Sony Wega next year I think I will be looking for one of these.

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