Ghost SEED – Location Based Android Game

A new interesting game has popped up on Google Play. Ghost SEED is a location based game that divides players amongst 3 different corporations. Your phone becomes a device capable of sensing quantum events and placing quantum Selective Entropy Emitting Dualities (SEED). Players will defend the fort seeds with defensive seeds and attack enemy seeds with axe seeds. The area that you can effect is limited, which encourages movement to gain strategic positioning. To gain more money to buy more seeds, players must traverse across the map looking for boson bursts. The particles are collected and sold to the marketplace. Now, due to quantum laws, you won’t see other players on the maps, just their seeds. Currently, as the game is not wide spread yet, the forts I placed give control of a 2.5km area to my corporation which gives an added bonus to particles collected.

I think the game is a great idea. The only thing I wish is some ability to communicate with fellow players. Or perhaps seeing players that are only close to me. Either way, I’m trying to get it spread across the workplace to create, well, a war. Give it a try for yourself, after all it is free.

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  • Jim and I have been working out a scheme for in-game messaging for the last few weeks for Ghost SEED. It should be installed in a few days. You’re totally right – it will make the game much more fun to play. Thank you for the mention!

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