Xbox 360 Setting Pal-50 For HDMI

Some of our friends across the pond may have bought Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox Live’s direct download. However, there is a problem if you are trying to play it on HDMI. The problem is the same problem that existed back in 2009. Players will have their 360 setup with a HDMI cable to their TV. They will go to play the game but be told that the game does not support PAL-60 and to change it in their settings. Problem is that, when they go to the display settings, a setting for PAL is not found. One lucky YouTuber fixed their problem way back in 2009. The solution is fairly simple, but requires that you have composite cables and the ability to plug them in your TV. It looks like he leaves the HDMI plugged in as well and switches over to the composite video channel on the TV. From there, the PAL setting is now available in the menu. He switches it to PAL-50, exits out and switches the TV back over to HDMI. Suddenly he is able to play Hitman: Blood Money. Success! I hope this helps anybody that was recently enticed to buy this game or has this issue with other games. See the video below if you need more info.

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