New default password for Motorola WiMAX modems on Clear Wireless

Today I had the displeasure of dealing with the tech support folks at Clear Wireless. Early this morning,  I was looking around in our CPEi 25150 WiMAX modem’s settings page to see if there was any way to allow incoming PPTP tunnels through.  I got distracted with something else, and when I returned I was unsurprisingly prompted to enter my login credentials again.

The surprising part was that “CLEAR123“, the password I had just used an hour earlier, no longer worked!

Fast forward to nearly 2 hours later, when I hung up on Clear technicians and told them they had lost a customer.  No one there had any idea that my modem does not have a hard reset button (really Motorola??), let alone what the default password could be.

One thing I noticed this morning was that the modem’s login page looked a bit different than before.  I had poked around on it a bit last week and was pretty sure that the “Nokia Siemens Networks” logo was a new addition.  On one hand, I figured that I just didn’t notice their logo the first time around.  With no other options however, I dug around online to see if I could find a default password for Nokia Siemens Networks branded equipment.  A cursory search turned up the default password of “nsn”, which instantly whisked me to the modem’s administration panel.  What luck!

So, for reference, if your WiMAX modem password was once “motorola”, it may now be “CLEAR123″ or even “nsn” if an update has been pushed to your equipment.

Hopefully this info saves you some time and frustration!

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  • stanwebber:

    i’m in the same scenario, but ‘nsn’ did not work for me. i’ve had a firmware update reset my password to ‘CLEAR123′ twice in the last 6mo and now i’m locked out of my modem completely. i wonder if my situation is different because i had changed the password back to my own every time it was reset. i also spent an hour on the phone with tech support before hanging up on them in disgust. i don’t think my modem has a reset button either and in any case i am loathe to lose my more than 15 port forwards configured in the modem. this is ridiculous! STOP CHANGING MY PASSWORD CLEAR!

    • I agree, the whole thing is completely maddening.

      I am surprised that none of the passwords work on your device. If they have decided to yet again change the default, I have no idea what that password might be.

      Rest assured though, if you have the same software version on your CPEi25150 as I do on mine, it does not seem to even give you the option of entering a custom password – you are stuck with what Clear has provided!

  • C Thompson:

    My clear modem does have hard reset button (it was motorola CPEi25725). Last night I was trying to tweak some settings. The password had been back to the clear123. OK, I figured that I had reset it at some point months ago and hadn’t gotten around to putting my password back on. After saving some new settings, neither clear123 or motorola (two options for ‘default’ passwords) worked so I gave up for today. This morning I did a hard reset with the reset button figuring to get everything back to defaults so I could try again.

    While previously, it just had the blue Motorola CPE login, now it showed (in very weird way) the blue motorola background and some yellow seimens network pasted on top. (kluge).

    None of the default password worked. As first poster, I had found that ‘nsn’ seemed to be default for nokie siemens, but that did not work either. The fact that the login page looks so klugy seems weird.

    I tried hard reset again, at least now it is all ‘professional’ looking. (Does not seem combination of two pages on top of each other. But none of the prior default passwords or guessed at work
    ‘clear123′, ‘motorola’, ‘nsn’

    At least it still connects so I can try to search around more for an answer.

  • C Thompson:

    last night ‘clear123′ work on my modem
    this morning ‘CLEAR123′ appeared to be the password.

  • THANKS Guys !
    I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out the password. Wasted 30 minutes during an “emergency.” It was ‘motorola’ a few days ago, today it changed. For all that are having difficulties, This Password __IS__ CaSe SenSitIve ! so if you try “clear123″ and it does not work, try “CLEAR123″ and it might. or “MOTOROLA” or “motorola” or “NSN” or “nsn”

    I agree that this is ridiculous, and even more so the fact that it is published world wide what the password is because you can not set your own SECURITY ! Like screaming : “dear hacker, i have a clear wire account, come and abuse me as you want !”

    We have an attorney looking into this for us as it has caused several problem in the past. Anyone that would like to have your story reviewed as well, please feel free to contact me at our website and we will forward your info to our attorney as well.

  • Curtis,

    WAN management isn’t enabled by default.

    • True, and rather irrelevant.

      Some of our clients that use CLEAR use them because it is the only thing available. Their buildings do not have any wires to them to support any other type of internet connection and it is impossible to get anything installed, too far from a main connection. Two of our clients run homeless shelters with more than 200 people living at each. They run their entire network and computer classrooms over a CLEAR connection. More than once i have had to go and fix something that the staff decided they are now a computer networking expert. One time they hit the hard reset on the network router. no big deal except that this particular router defaults to WiFi On and wide open with no security. They had people at the baseball field next door on their network and internet connection.

      The bottom line is that anyone that has any idea how to use an IP lookup can figure out they are hooked to a clearwire modem and then gain access to it from inside of the network. Once you have that there are a number of things you can do to really cause pain.

      I have seen coffee shops that use clearwire and set up WiFi access. Yea, took me all of about 10 seconds to get access to their modem since the passwords are advertised world wide. Hey, lets set up our own web or FTP server, or hijack their inbound traffic and re-route it to our laptop with port forwarding. Or just screw with them and make the modem reboot every 5 minutes.

      It needs to be secure and that means the ability to set your own password on the device.

  • John N:

    Incredible!!! On saturday, 8/18/2012, I experienced the same thing. I was on the phone with Clear Tech Support and they got me back in using CLEAR123( the last time I was in my modem/router a few weeks prior it was motorola). I got in and made my changes. The next day, I tried to get back in and none of the passwords worked! I thought I must have done something myself, so I tried to reset the modem. I unplugged it as the doc says, and waited couple of minutes. But, neither password worked. Today, I decided to stat searching for an answer and stumbled on this post. Lo and behold, the password had been changed to nsn. I guess that after I spoke to someone they updated it from CLEAR123 to nsn. Thanks Mike!!

  • With Nokia Siemens Networks selling WiMax to NewNet ( we should be alert to the possibility of a FURTHER change in password.

  • Bill Nelson:

    Wow, I wish to God I had seen this post before spending two hours on the phone with a (admittedly very patient and kind) Clear representative. She finally escalated it to level 2 support and they had me in with the nsn password within five minutes. Jaaayyyysus, what a fiasco.

  • Ahmad:


  • Got my new password too :) Thanks!

  • Anyone know how to use the clear motorola m 25750 series ATA with my own voip service (eg not clear’s?)

    I can access the hidden menu but can only change the password and not the SIP proxy.

  • Sean Killian:

    Just wanted to say thanks a lot for this one, I’ve spent the last 30-mins trying to figure this out through the phone with my mother! “nsn” saved the day!

  • Andy K:

    Hey, I recently received a response email from a members-only website stating they are not taking new customers. The bottom of the email has my IP address as a link under the header ‘for office use only’. Should I be concerned? I clicked it and it took me to the Nokia Siemens login page. What does all this mean?

  • TheBoz!:

    FYI…Sprint bought Clearwire. Sprint is turning up LTE using the Clearwire frequencies(2.5-2.6GHz). This WiMax network will be shut down nation-wide sometime in 2015. I assume they will offer some type of “Convert to LTE Package” to current CLWR customers.

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