Hack Traffic Racer for Unlimited Money and Cars

Traffic Racer is another addictive iPhone game that I have been burning time on lately, but the in-game purchases are something I’ll never buy into – no pun intended. To get a leg up on the competition, I played around with some configuration files and found an easy way to hack the game for unlimited money, no jailbreak required, of course.


1) Some familiar tools are required, namely iFunBox or a similar iOS device explorer.  With iFunBox open, navigate to:

     Your Phone > User Applications > Traffic Racer > Library > Preferences


2) In that folder, locate the file named com.skgames.racer.plist and copy it to your PC.


3) Open up your favorite text editor, and find the following line: <key>_farrokh_allkeys_persistent</key>

Below this is another line that starts with <string> - add the following text inside the <string> tag:


The line should now look something like:



4) Under that long line, add the following bit of text:



5) Save the file and upload it back to your phone.  Once you do, you should see something like this the next time you start Traffic Racer

Money, Money, Money!

Money, Money, Money!

5 Responses to “Hack Traffic Racer for Unlimited Money and Cars”

  • Karsten:

    Thanks man. This was just what I was looking for. You made my day.

  • Hephie:

    In the last version the totalmoney key(s) are no longer there.
    there are all kinds of key with a guid as name (I think they confuscated the money settings or something).

    Can you please find out how to get unlimited money for the last version?
    that would be awesome!

    • Mike:

      In 1.8, the version I used for the hack, the values were not present in the save file as you mention. I had to add them manually as shown above to work.

      I’m not sure if the game has updated since I last ran it – do you know which version you are on?

  • michael:

    cant do it on v2.0, can someone help me

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