Hack Traffic Racer for Unlimited Money and Cars

Traffic Racer is another addictive iPhone game that I have been burning time on lately, but the in-game purchases are something I’ll never buy into – no pun intended. To get a leg up on the competition, I played around with some configuration files and found an easy way to hack the game for unlimited money, no jailbreak required, of course.


1) Some familiar tools are required, namely iFunBox or a similar iOS device explorer.  With iFunBox open, navigate to:

     Your Phone > User Applications > Traffic Racer > Library > Preferences


2) In that folder, locate the file named com.skgames.racer.plist and copy it to your PC.


3) Open up your favorite text editor, and find the following line: <key>_farrokh_allkeys_persistent</key>

Below this is another line that starts with <string> - add the following text inside the <string> tag:


The line should now look something like:



4) Under that long line, add the following bit of text:



5) Save the file and upload it back to your phone.  Once you do, you should see something like this the next time you start Traffic Racer

Money, Money, Money!

Money, Money, Money!

Fixing Toshiba Tecra BIOS Update Errors

So I was trying to troubleshoot some video issues on my laptop, and after exhausting the normal avenues of setting changes, and driver updates, I thought I would give a BIOS update a shot. The particular issue I was having occurred after undocking the laptop, and the BIOS update indicated that it fixed some issues tied to that process.

I downloaded the latest update for my laptop, but each time I attempted to run the Windows-based flash utility, I received an error stating that “This computer is not supported”. I hunted around online, and I found that many others were having the same issue.

One recommended solution was to install the Toshiba “Value Added Package” to enable BIOS updates. That seemed a bit ridiculous to me, but I gave it a shot anyway. Lo and behold, the most recent Value Added Package would not install, and rather presented an error stating, “TVAP Error [0x81466045B]“.


I tried an earlier version of the application, which thankfully launched without an issue.  I chose the customized installation option and selected only the “Toshiba Components Common Driver” as a starting point.  The installation took just a few seconds to complete, and when finished, the BIOS update ran perfectly!

Hacking Candy Crush Saga Game Saves in iOS – No Jailbreak Required

***** Updated with additional hex addresses and info below, thanks to Aurora1, idrc, sloym, and Gil Disatnik! *****

It’s sad to admit, but I’ve played Candy Crush Saga…quite a bit in fact.

It’s a fantastic time waster, and it appeals to my perfectionist nature. There is nothing quite like getting 3-stars on each and every level throughout the game. The only hitch is the built-in time limiters which the company uses to lure you into purchasing things such as extra lives and boosters. “The first one’s free”, as they say, but addictive as this game might be, you’re kidding yourself if you think this guy is handing over cold hard cash for a couple of extra lives. Not a chance!

Frustrated with the time/paywalls built into the game, I figured that I could play around with the game save files in iOS and make some tweaks in my favor. I was correct, and it’s downright easy too!

You’ll need a few things to get started: An iPhone of course, along with its USB dongle. You will need a copy of iFunbox (or similar program to access the phone’s file system), along with a hex editor. I happen to use HxD for this task as it’s lightweight, free, and has a nice compare tool built in.

Connect your iPhone to your PC and open up iFunbox. For what it’s worth, I prefer to use the application’s classic interface – it just seems more straightforward. Navigate to User Applications > Candy Crush > Documents as shown below and copy the save_##########.dat file to your computer. I suggest making a backup of this file just in case you screw things up along the way.


Open the save file and change the offsets listed below to suit your needs. I typically set each one to “FF” I typically set each offset to FFFFFF (Thanks Gil!), but you can chose whichever value works best for you. In the image shown below, I have set the number of lives to the hex value “FF”


The offsets are as follows. Obviously there are some boosters not listed here, but as I come across them, they will be added to the list.

0x00000290 00 - Lives
0x00000050 00 - Color Bomb
0x00000050 0C - Jelly Fish
0x00000060 08 - Coconut Roller
0x00000070 04 - Lolipop Hammer
0x00000090 08 - Lucky Candy
0x000000A0 04 - Wrapped and Striped

Unlock all Yeti Shop items for free – Set ALL offsets to “FF”(Thanks sloym!)

0x000001C0 0C
0x000001C0 0D
0x000001C0 0E
0x000001C0 0F
0x000001D0 00
0x000001D0 01

Once you have finished editing the file, and you are sure you have done it correctly, save it then make a copy. Rename this copy to save_##########.bak, and then copy both files back to your phone.

The next time you open Candy Crush Saga, you should see something like this:

photo 1

That’s a lot of lives – no more waiting!

photo 2

The asterisks presumably indicate that you have more than 9 of each booster, but I’ve never seen them get that low.

One could make the argument that this takes money from the hands of developers – and it’s a good point, that. My view however, is that I would never buy any of the items offered in-game, rather I would simply stop playing it. This at least gives the devs a chance to bombard me with annoying ads. That’s payment enough if you ask me.

Happy hacking!

Fixing Nagios Plugin Installation Issues

I recently had the need to install Nagios on my network, and being new to the application, was stumped by an issue I encountered when installing the “standard” Nagios plugins pack. Upon running the make command, I received the following error (among several other related errors):

make[2]: *** [check_http.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

After a bit of digging around I saw that the errors were SSL-related, and upon doing a bit of research, I found that my server was missing libssl-dev. After running apt-get install libssl-dev, the install continued on without further issue.

New default password for Motorola WiMAX modems on Clear Wireless

Today I had the displeasure of dealing with the tech support folks at Clear Wireless. Early this morning,  I was looking around in our CPEi 25150 WiMAX modem’s settings page to see if there was any way to allow incoming PPTP tunnels through.  I got distracted with something else, and when I returned I was unsurprisingly prompted to enter my login credentials again.

The surprising part was that “CLEAR123“, the password I had just used an hour earlier, no longer worked!

Fast forward to nearly 2 hours later, when I hung up on Clear technicians and told them they had lost a customer.  No one there had any idea that my modem does not have a hard reset button (really Motorola??), let alone what the default password could be.

One thing I noticed this morning was that the modem’s login page looked a bit different than before.  I had poked around on it a bit last week and was pretty sure that the “Nokia Siemens Networks” logo was a new addition.  On one hand, I figured that I just didn’t notice their logo the first time around.  With no other options however, I dug around online to see if I could find a default password for Nokia Siemens Networks branded equipment.  A cursory search turned up the default password of “nsn”, which instantly whisked me to the modem’s administration panel.  What luck!

So, for reference, if your WiMAX modem password was once “motorola”, it may now be “CLEAR123″ or even “nsn” if an update has been pushed to your equipment.

Hopefully this info saves you some time and frustration!

Orion: Dino Beatdown – Review

Epic main menu.

I would argue that above zombies, dinosaurs are probably the world’s most beloved sub-culture. From The Land Before Time extending to Jurassic Park, I argue that dinosaurs have maintained a special place in most everyone’s heart. The problem is that there has not been much love (or hate) for dinorsaurs in video games since the Turok series. The problem’s solution came with advent of Kickstarter. Spiral Game Studios has had the design for Orion started since 1998, but it wasn’t until their Kickstarter campaign for $10,000 that net almost $20k in over a year that they made some serious headway. They’ve released the game early on May 4th and will be continuing to update the game and produce more content for it. In fact, when I received my copy, I couldn’t even play it. It is running on the Unreal Development Kit and for some reason, mine kept crashing. So I sat by and was patient until the release when the forums would be up on Steam and more people would probably experience and fix the same problem I was having. I was correct in that assumption and ever since I did a small bcdedit on Windows to expand my virtual video memory, the game has worked. I am not going to say flawlessly, because inside the game there are certainly issues and I will point out the ones I’ve notice as I tell you more about the world of Orion: Dino Beatdown and all the dinosaurs I’ve killed.

Continue reading: "Orion: Dino Beatdown – Review" »

Xbox 360 Setting Pal-50 For HDMI

Some of our friends across the pond may have bought Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox Live’s direct download. However, there is a problem if you are trying to play it on HDMI. The problem is the same problem that existed back in 2009. Players will have their 360 setup with a HDMI cable to their TV. They will go to play the game but be told that the game does not support PAL-60 and to change it in their settings. Problem is that, when they go to the display settings, a setting for PAL is not found. One lucky YouTuber fixed their problem way back in 2009. The solution is fairly simple, but requires that you have composite cables and the ability to plug them in your TV. It looks like he leaves the HDMI plugged in as well and switches over to the composite video channel on the TV. From there, the PAL setting is now available in the menu. He switches it to PAL-50, exits out and switches the TV back over to HDMI. Suddenly he is able to play Hitman: Blood Money. Success! I hope this helps anybody that was recently enticed to buy this game or has this issue with other games. See the video below if you need more info.

Ghost SEED – Location Based Android Game

A new interesting game has popped up on Google Play. Ghost SEED is a location based game that divides players amongst 3 different corporations. Your phone becomes a device capable of sensing quantum events and placing quantum Selective Entropy Emitting Dualities (SEED). Players will defend the fort seeds with defensive seeds and attack enemy seeds with axe seeds. The area that you can effect is limited, which encourages movement to gain strategic positioning. To gain more money to buy more seeds, players must traverse across the map looking for boson bursts. The particles are collected and sold to the marketplace. Now, due to quantum laws, you won’t see other players on the maps, just their seeds. Currently, as the game is not wide spread yet, the forts I placed give control of a 2.5km area to my corporation which gives an added bonus to particles collected.

I think the game is a great idea. The only thing I wish is some ability to communicate with fellow players. Or perhaps seeing players that are only close to me. Either way, I’m trying to get it spread across the workplace to create, well, a war. Give it a try for yourself, after all it is free.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ctenophore.gsoclient

Deadlight – First Gameplay Trailer

Who doesn’t love the zombies over at Microsoft? Whoa I think you got the wrong idea, I totally meant the new zombie action game coming out of their publishing studio. Yeah, that’s it, I was talking about Deadlight. Luckily enough for gamers, developer Tequila Works is behind this new platformer. If you watch the trailer below, you’ll notice 3 things. Puzzles, Art, and Zombies! So just watch already and get yourself ready for more zombies because there can never, ever, be enough zombies in the world. (Until the zombie apocalypse happens and then I want ZERO zombies.)

Deadlight is a cinematic action-platformer with action-based puzzles. The player takes the role of Randall Wayne, survivor of an apocalyptic world set in an alternate 1980s. Taking advantage of Randall’s agility, the player will overcome obstacles, dodge enemies, and set diversions.

Robofish – Review

I almost overlooked this game when delving through the ever flowing cascade of press releases. It wasn’t until I saw that the nice people from Sparkrift were giving away a few copies to their fellow Redditors, that I realized how awesome of a game it could turn out to be. You see, Robofish makes itself distinct from other shoot ‘em up games by giving the player a chance at uniqueness. The player has to upgrade and create the weapons used on the fish.  A varied amount of options are available including choosing what type of effect the ammo has.

The staggering amount of choices I have almost leave me confused and the only option is to test them out in the heat of battle to determine effectiveness. Luckily, after shooting down enemies and collecting the pearls they leave behind, I am able to upgrade my choices, perhaps providing better options. I love the art of the game, it slightly resembles other shumps (shoot ‘em ups) like Geometry Wars, if only for the neon glow. Other than that, Robofish is its own unique creation. After all, it is a fish with robotics attached to it shooting everything in it’s path; which is awesome! Unlike Geometry Wars, I find that Robofish has the enemies falling from the top, or from the front if you think of it as looking down on a fish. In that case, these streams of enemies are easier to handle until they do envelop you. None the less, I prefer this method of being attacked.

As far as configurations go, I prefer to set mine up in a directional control method so that I can completely control where my shots go. I chose to put a slight curve on them and to have to keep the accuracy down so that a general area is being covered. This way I can keep from having to have absolute precise control. Of course, you can choose to have it completely wavy, crisscrossed, or in multiple directions.

If you keep up the good work of dodging incoming attacks and keep on shooting everything down, you’ll be able to earn multipliers for different levels of enemies killed in a row. There are even some bonus moves such as a repairing yourself or firing a homing missile. The missile is best saved for bigger enemies as it does seem to take to long to recharge. In fact, I often forget to use it. My main concern is shooting things and collecting pearls for upgrades.

All in all, you have three things here. A beautifully designed game, an excellent shoot ‘em up, and an addictive indie game found for a reasonable price on XBLIG. If you’re interested, you can find it for yourself at Xbox.com.

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